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We Have All Been There


Are you new to the house and want to make it feel like a home?  Looking to add value before it goes on the market?  Or are you just tired of looking at the same old space and don't know where to start?


How We Make It Happen

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Updating your home is THE #1 PROVEN way to increase home value and add marketability.   We offer several efficient, prompt and clean renovation options to quickly update your home WITHOUT the huge mess or headaches of a full remodel.

Where Should I Start?


Kitchen? Basement? Living Areas?  We offer several ways to add value to your home.  Let us help you

 get that nagging project off your list AND give your friends and neighbors something to be jealous of. 

Win - Win!



Don't Waste Your Money On Cheap Labor

Why pay for something twice?

Our inbox is FULL of requests from people who aren't happy with the results they received because they hired a cheap, half ass laborer who tried to watch instructional You Tube videos while working on their project.  

We know you are smarter than that!

Hiring a competent carpenter crew to remove, replace and rebuild a bad job done by others is an expensive lesson most people need only learn once.  Hiring a seasoned professional carpenter with 20 years of hands on experience goes a long way towards making your home improvement project go smoothly AND have the results you deserve.   The FIRST time!

Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Our on site home improvement consultations aren't just for show.  In addition to listening to your thoughts and ideas about the final design for your project, we as carpenters are already troubleshooting potential issues the instant we see the space.  That's where our decades of real world experience begins to shine.

Average Pricing In Your Neighborhood

Nearly Everything we do is custom fit to your home. The prices listed above are based on average labor cost for each project

Quick and Easy updates to add fresh value to your home!


Our Specialties

With decades of hands on, professional contractor experience, there is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and attention to detail that we bring to every project.  It's our job to make your home improvement projects go smoothly!

Trim Carpenter / Contractor

Home Renovations

Custom Designs

Ship Lap


Kitchen updates

Cabinet installation

Crown molding

Snappy comebacks

Interior Window/Door Trim 


Interior Doors/Closets  

Plus more!

Serving Minneapolis / Saint Paul and the greater Twin Cities area

Current Promotions

The busy season for carpenters is here and our schedule fills up fast.  Get your home improvement project started before another year goes by!    

Give us a shout to set up an appointment.  

It takes less than 2 minutes to see why we are a good fit for your project! 

Email us at dusty@dfcarpentry.net

Real Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it.  We live and work with real people right here in Minneapolis / Saint Paul and we appreciate honest feedback.  Click below and see testimonials of what people are saying.

What's New?

We are well on our way to having another amazing year!  There are so many great people that we have met and have had so much fun working on their home improvement projects.  Click the link below to keep up to date with our antics!  - Uh, I mean PROJECTS!!


You have questions.  We have answers

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